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Rubber profiles


KORDPLAST has been engaged in the production of technical rubber for more than 50 years.

Do you need just a few meters of profile and you need it at once? We can cope with that. We can produce a new nozzle for the required profile in a few hours, and if you require at least 1 kg of the product, we will manufacture that.

Another of our important activities includes processing of plastic waste and subsequent production of re-granulate. We purchase plastic waste which is suitable for recycling. Such materials may be in form of threads, textile, pulp, shaves, foils, etc. We process materials, which do not contain mechanic impurities, glass fibres or any fillings.

rubber profiles drawing


printed catalogue

Download our complete catalogue 2020 containing over 1850 rubber profiles. And it is not our final product portfolio. If you cannot find the profile you need we can produce it for you. Send a scheme, a drawing or just a piece of an old profile, and we will manufacture it for you. We manufacture a brand-new product every day.